The Sea of Galilee seen from the resort village, Vered Hagalil. Desmond Kaplan planned
the expansion and upgrading of Vered Hagalil. Statutory approval of the new master plan is in process.


The firm won the tender to prepare a new Master Plan for the City of Naharia.
The plan has been approved by the steering committee and will now go into the statutory approval stage.

snir Planning is in progress on the Snir River in the Upper Galilee in collaboration with Landscape
Architect Eran Gaash. It includes development for ecotourism that combines tourist activity with environmental rehabilitation, protection and management. The client is the Rivers/Streams and Drainage Authority. Similar work is being carried out in the Yavniel and Tavor River basins.


A series of plans are being prepared which provide guidelines for buildings that serve animal husbandry, mostly sheep and beef cattle, in the Sahnin and Netufa Valleys. The objectives include providing solutions for animals that are currently housed in built areas where they contribute to environmental and health hazards. Agricultural tourism and ecotourism are part of the planning brief. The clients are the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment and the local authorities.

YavnielThe town of Yavniel in the Yavniel Valley. The office has been approached to prepare a new master plan for the village and the surrounding areas that fall within the municipal boundary.